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Physiotherapist Solihull?

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

If you are looking for a physiotherapist in Solihull then visit the Atlas Pain Relief Centre.  Currently located on the Robin Hood roundabout in Hall Green, the Solihull Physiotherapists will soon be relocating closer to the Solihull town centre.  Plans are underway to open their new clinic in early 2013 and the Atlas team will be providing a multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare offering physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, sports injury clinic, podiatry, chiropody, and sports massage.  We offer an alternative to chiropractors in Solihull for back pain treatment.

All our Solihull physiotherapists are state registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) and are experienced in post operative rehabilitation and sports injuries.  We have a specialist running injury clinic where we prescribe custom fitted prescription orthotics for children and adults. We offer biomechanical evaluations and laser foot scans as well as advice on running injuries and injury prevention at our Solihull Sports Injury Clinic.

No need to wait if you are a self referring patient and appointments usually available within 24 hours.  Check out our website or telephone the clinic on 0121 745 8792

Solihull Physiotherapist treats 2012 Olympic Athlete hopeful

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Nathan in action

Solihull physiotherapist and osteopath John Williams is supporting 400m hurdler Nathan Woodward in his attempt to gain a place at the 2012 London Olympic Games.  John and his staff who treat elite athlete Nathan have always considered that Nathan is a class act and will reach the top.  John spotted his talent 6 years ago at Tamworth Athletics Club and decided to help him by offering free treatment and sports massage up until the 2012 games.

Nathan has progressed well as is now considered a real prospect for the future.  The staff at Atlas Sports Injury Clinic all wish Nathan the best of luck in his preparation and look forward to watching him compete.

Atlas Sports Injury Clinic is part of the services available to anyone looking for accurate sports injury diagnosis and a fast recovery treatment plan.  Visit the website   or telephone 01827 59943

Solihull physiotherapist gets great reviews

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Solihull physiotherapists are getting great reviews for their Solihull physiotherapy treatments.  Atlas Pain Relief Centre have established a fast recovery reputation for back pain and sports injuries and customers are visiting after being given personal recommendations.

Here are a few comments that have been received from our patients.

“I have twice in the last 5 years used Atlas for a back problem. The first time I had spent over twelve months going backwards and forwards to the doctors only for my back to get worse. After 5 – 6 sessions at Atlas my back was completely better. I had to go back this year for the same problem, but again, John cured it in 4 sessions. I cannot recommend Atlas enough”        Marie from Coleshill

“The Atlas Sports Injury Clinic accommodated my appointment at very short notice and were extremely helpful making the appointment. My initial consultation was undertaken with professionalism and understanding of my concerns regarding my shoulder pain. The explanation and treatment during the first consultation was very helpful and I will be booking a further course of treatment”.     Kim from Birmingham

“I was in agony on my first visit and had been suffering with my back for at least 6 weeks, pain killers weren’t helping and I didn’t know what to expect as never had physio before. I felt as though a miracle had occured by the time the session ended as I had a thorough consultation, heat therapy, massage and manipulation, a rib had come out of alignment. Every procedure was explained to me in great detail and in advance and I felt completey at ease. My pain did return a few hours later but after 4 sessions I am only feeling very slight pain and far more comfortable. I am using the ice pack and doing the recommended exercises so hopefully I am on the mend. I will take advantage of a regular check up though as I have been prone to a bad back for a number of years and want to keep it in check with the professional”.       Sue from Solihull

“My injury and associated pain was quickly diagnosed, and a treatment course planned. Within a couple of weeks I was fully fit and able to sprint again! I attended 3 sessions in total. Very impressed with my experience at this practice. I am a healthcare professional myself so I know what constitutes a good service. I will definitely use again for any future injuries”    Sultan from Birmingham

“As a keen amateur runner and having gone past 40 years of age, I had begun to suffer with acute shin splints and sore knees. Having found Atlas Pain Relief Centre on the internet I decided to have a consultation session at the Hall Green clinic where, I was advised that orthotic insoles would benefit me. The process was extremely thorough and having decided on the bespoke fitting I was checked and double checked to ensure they were fully suited to the shape of my feet. After being given strict training advice and stretching exercises to aid the leg muscles in adapting to the changes made by the orthotics, I began to notice a difference after just a couple of weeks. Now 6 months on and I no longer suffer with shin splints and my knee pain has greatly eased. Before the treatment 3 mile runs left me in pain for days afterwards however, now a 10 mile run is like a walk in the park and there is no recuperation needed. I would highly recommend Atlas’s services to anyone. They have certainly allowed me to get back my health and fitness, and you cant put a value on that”.    Paul from Warwick

“Orthotic heel raise balancing and physiotherapy – Atlas Pain relief centre, Tamworth.
Knowledgable and proficient exponents of the arts of sports injury and investigation. Very understanding and helpful throughout. not just a physio session but a warts and all analysis of the injury, how it got there and the ways to remedial action.
Reception staff a delight and a reason to return to the place on their own”.        Steven from Tamworth

“I went with a muscular pain I had had for years and medics had treated with anti-inflammatories. After 3 sessions of seriously good massage/acupuncture I’m feeling much better and have hardly taken a pill.   I recommend this clinic”.      Constanza from Birmingham

Solihull Physiotherapist helps Brighton Marathon runner

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Sports Physiotherapist Peter Taylor from Atlas Sports Injury Clinic in Hall Green Birmingham is helping Solihull Observer Brighton Marathon Runner achieve his charity ambition by providing injury treatment and advice.  The Atlas clinic has a website offering advice and help with pain and injuries             See article below.

Hands-on help for marathon man Ben

MARATHON man Ben Lindon received perhaps his most valuable donation this week, in the form of a sports massage.

Solihull Observer deputy editor has been training for the Brighton Marathon for the last two weeks with crippling shin splints.
But then leading sports physiotherapist and podiatrist Peter Taylor from Atlas Sports Injury Clinic stepped in to help the paper’s budding runner.
Specialist Peter read Ben’s story in the Observer and offered the services of his clinic, based in Hall Green.
The chief physio got in touch with Ben – who is renaming himself ‘Thunderfoot Lindon’ for the 26-mile event – to offer him physiotherapy, podiatry, gait analysis and orthotics.
“To make sure Ben achieves his aims of running the marathon and raising money for the Rockinghorse charity we wanted to help him in the form of a course of treatments,” he told the paper.
And on Thursday (February 24) Ben met Pete at the Atlas Clinic to work out a regime of treatments.
Pete diagnosed – after an examination and a treadmill gait test – Ben with medial tibial stress syndrome, along with irritation and inflammation of the tibial muscles and their attachment to the adjacent bone.
“This is a classic overuse injury and is commonly caused by an increase in duration and intensity in training, like marathon training. Overpronation is another common cause.
“To treat Ben we used soft tissue manipulation to break down adhesions in the muscles.
“We then used electrotherapy, consisting of ultrasound and interferential therapy, to promote pain relief, increased local circulation and metabolism.
“If there are any further problems we will pursue orthotic therapy to address any biomechanical problems,” he explained.
Ben said Thursday’s treatment was so successful he ran the Ilmington 10K Threshold Race on Saturday (February 26) four minutes faster than previously and will now also run The Shakespeare Raceway Half-Marathon, Long Marston Airfield, this Saturday, March 5.
The 31-year-old, who runs in Brighton on April 10, is now just shy of the £500 he pledged to raise for Sussex-based children’s charity Rockinghorse.
“Thanks to Pete I have been able to continue my training and push myself even further than before. In terms of donations, this may be the most valuable yet.
“That doesn’t mean I don’t want to smash the charity’s fundraising levels, so I hope people will continue to support me.”
To support Ben and raise help raise funds for Rockinghorse visit For updates on Ben’s training and fund-raising follow his progress at For more information on the Atlas Clinic visit

Solihull Physiotherapist offers Solihull Marathon Runner free treatment

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Solihull Physiotherapist and Sports Podiatrist Peter Taylor from the Atlas Sports Injury Clinic in Hall Green, Birmingham has offered the Solihull Observer’s  Brighton Marathon Runner Ben Lindon free physiotherapy treatment during his preparation for the race  in April 2011.

Ben has been suffering with shinsplints during his marathon training programme and is finding things difficult on long runs.

Ben is raising money for charity and he himself was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour in March 2008.

Atlas Sports Physiotherapist Peter Taylor contacted Ben after reading about his sports injury problems and offered help with the shinsplints.  Ben will undergo a full biomechanical assessment and gait analysis as well as having the shinsplints treated.  If Ben is found to be overpronating he will need prescription Orthotics which will correct his lower limb biomechanics and help prevent further running injuries.

Atlas Sports Injury Clinic have a dedicated running injury team who are experienced at treating marathon runners and both elite athletes and casual joggers.  They have set up an informative website for runners 

Appointments can be made for sports injuries and running injuries by telephoning   0121 745 8792

Solihull Physiotherapist compares private physiotherapy and NHS treatment.

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Solihull Physiotherapist John Williams considers differences between musculo- skeletal physiotherapists in the NHS and in private practice.  The Birmingham based physiotherapist has a useful website where you can view information on back pain and other common complaints

As a Birmingham physiotherapist who has always worked in private practice and never spent any time working within the NHS John finds it interesting to talk to other local Birmingham physiotherapists who have either done both or have just spent their time providing physiotherapy services within the NHS.

There does appear to be a fundamental difference between the private sector physiotherapy and the NHS version.  As you might imagine the time constraints within the NHS are a factor and with long waiting lists designated as a government target to address, this has affected frontline physiotherapy services.

In the private sector the customer’s needs are very important, physiotherapists can offer as much time as necessary in order to treat a patient.  If a patient is not happy with the treatment or recovery progress is not as expected, they are at liberty to change from one practice to another without notice.

In private practice you survive or fail by your results.  Sadly this is not the case in the NHS.  It appears that successful treatment outcomes are not measured and instead only waiting times.  How often do we hear politicians report that they have successfully reduced waiting times to see a doctor, surgeon or physiotherapist.   This may be so, however being seen is no good if the treatment is not successful.

Many patients complain that they turn up at a physiotherapy appointment after waiting a number of weeks, which in some cases can be 12 weeks, only to be given a sheet of exercises to be done at home.   No doubt this may be disputed by some, however it happens far too often and patients report that they attended for NHS physiotherapy which was a total waste of time!

If this occurred in private practice, then the physiotherapist would soon be out of work.  As you can imagine faced with long waiting lists to cope with and a mandate to drastically reduce these waiting lists, management have to design a plan to achieve this.

As the targets are “being seen” and not successful outcomes, then handing a sheet of exercises and sending them away can tick the box of “being seen” and one physiotherapist can see a lot of patients in an hour.  If the same physiotherapist had to examine and treat the patient, then reducing the waiting list would not be achieved.

Having talked this through with some NHS physiotherapists they feel frustrated that they are not allowed to treat patients anymore and the emphasis seems to be on the patient self managing their own condition.

In the cases of low back pain, which has to be the most common complaint of all, the patient experience is often very poor if using the NHS.  First a visit to their GP will usually result in pain killers or anti-inflammatory oral medication.  As most GP’s have little training in diagnosing the cause of back pain the patient usually is usually sent home without a proper examination and diagnosis.

If the pain persists then they are often referred for physiotherapy which can take months before they get an appointment.  Imagine after suffering back pain for months and then eventually attending your physiotherapy appointment to be handed a sheet of exercises and sent away without any treatment.

The physiotherapy profession in musculo-skeletal is not being seen to be effective by patients however much the government announce success.  The current system is not designed to help patients, its designed purely to address targets of waiting times.

As long as this continues physiotherapists in private practice will pick up work by default because patients cannot get the care they need under the NHS.

This is great news for our private practices but a sad reflection on a well established health service which was designed to meet the needs of the public and now seems to have lost its way.

As a private practitioner one could never work in a system that wasn’t patient focused,

Good practitioners are being wasted and eventually will lose heart.  You can only swim against the tide for so long before you tire and give up.

As for the patient , they have choices, pay additional fees for their treatments and choose when and where they are treated in the private sector, or take up the free NHS programme after a substantial wait.   Not everyone can afford to pay privately and sadly it is those people we are letting down.

The sooner the NHS scrap targets that are not designed to measure successful outcomes the better.  If not, more and more skillful physiotherapists will leave the NHS to enter the private sector where they will get better job satisfaction and in many cases, better pay.

Solihull physiotherapist recruits new physiotherapy practitioner

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Solihull physiotherapist John Williams and his team of physiotherapists at Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Birmingham have recruited another musculo-skeletal physiotherapist to join them.

Kelly Grove, a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy will join the Atlas team on July 19th 2010 and initially help out at the Tamworth Clinic treating back pain and sports injuries providing pain relief and physiotherapy.

Kelly currently works for Birmingham City FC Ladies Football Team as first team physiotherapist and has previously been involved with Featherstone Rovers Rugby league and Dewsbury Rams Rugby League teams.

Kelly will shortly be adding acupuncture to her list of skills this summer and is looking forward to working with the experienced practitioners at the Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Staffordshire.

If you are looking for private Physiotherapy in Solihull or Birmingham then view our testimonial video on the website   or call 0121 745 8792 for an appointment

Solihull Physiotherapist wanted at Atlas Physiotherapy Clinic in Birmingham and Tamworth

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Atlas Pain Relief Centre are looking to recruit a chartered physiotherapist for their Birmingham physiotherapy clinic and their Tamworth physiotherapy clinic.

Physiotherapy opportunities are scarce and physiotherapy jobs in the private sector more so.

Applicants who are happy to work in musculo skeletal and sports injuries are preferred and experience in acute and chronic back pain is an advantage.   Atlas have physiotherapy vacancies for enthusiastic physiotherapists.

Applicants can visit the website  for details

Welcome to Solihull Physiotherapist Birmingham News

Monday, February 22nd, 2010
Solihull Physiotherapist looks after Peter Shilton, England Goalkeeper

Solihull Physiotherapist looks after Peter Shilton, England Goalkeeper


Physiotherapy in Solihull Birmingham from Atlas Solihull Physiotherapists.  View the testimonial video on the website  and see why Atlas Physiotherapist John Williams and his team of Solihull Physiotherapists are the people to see for your physiotherapy and Sports Injury needs.

Solihull Physiotherapist supports Birmingham Clothes Show

Sunday, November 29th, 2009
On Site Sports Massage

On Site Sports Massage

Solihull Physiotherapist John Williams and his team of Sports Massage therapists will once again provide support for the Birmingham Clothes Show Live event in December 2009.

Physiotherapy and Sports massage will be available for the catwalk models and dancers backstage and injury cover should it be required is available from the experienced Atlas Solihull Osteopath and Physiotherapist.

Atlas Sports Injury Clinic supply therapists to the Clothes Show and provide valuable support to the dancers and models who have a punishing 7 shows per day over 6 days at the Birmingham venue.

Massage and Sports Massage helps ease tired aching muscles and can be a valuable aid in preventing dancing injuries.

Atlas Solihull have a sports injury clinic in Hall Green Birmingham which is supported by an excellent website